Tamás Gender Junior competes in La Conca, in the Italian championship

In this weekend's second round of the Italian karting championship, we will see Tamás Gender Junior, who will be competing for his former team and will be racing in the junior category for the first time at the La Conca circuit.

Tamás Gender Junior will be competing in the second round of the Italian Karting Championship this weekend at the La Conca International race track, located approximately 40 km from Lecce on the Salento Peninsula. The championship round expects around 240 drivers across seven categories. Representing Team Driver Racing Kart, the Hungarian driver will be participating in the OK-N Junior category, which consists of 31 participants. With such a powerful kart, Tamás Gender Junior had his first experience on the 1250-meter long race track during the Thursday practice sessions.

"The team and the track are not completely unfamiliar to me, as I have already competed with them in the Mini category. However, I haven't been to La Conca since then, so I had to get accustomed to driving the junior kart on the first day of the race weekend. I have previously worked with my mechanic, which helped us find our common ground right away. I am motivated and looking forward to the races, which promise to be really exciting, considering the unpredictable weather forecast for the entire weekend. We started on a wet track on Thursday, and then I gained some experience on a drying track, which can come in handy for the rest of the weekend," said the Hungarian Motorsport Academy-supported driver.

After the practice day on Thursday, Tamás Gender Junior will participate in the qualifying session on Friday, 16th June. The heats will begin on Saturday, followed by a different format on Sunday compared to the international races. Instead of semifinals and finals, two separate races will be held. A live stream of these will be available. This, live results and other information can be found HERE.


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