Tamás Gender junior kart racer was born into the world of motorsport. His father, Tamás Gender, is the leader of the Gender Racing Team, the most successful formula racing team in Hungary.

He made his first meters in a kart when he was three years old. Tamás jr., as a child, felt home himself in the workshop and during the race weekends, he happily sit into the race cars or helped the mechanics or enjoyed his time in the pit and on the race track as well.

He was amazed by the atmosphere of the sport and it quickly seemed that motorsport would be a determining factor in his life. The family took his go-kart to the team’s formula race weekends and if there was a possibility for a little practice on the race tracks, his father was going before him by a scooter to show him the racing line and apex of the corners.


Together for the Hungarian motorsport!
The HUMDA, Hungarian Motorsport and Green Mobility Development Agency (HUMDA Magyar Autó-Motorsport és Zöld Mobilitás-fejlesztési Ügynökség Zrt.) was founded by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. The Agency is aiming to approach motorsports with a new perspective, and establish connections both between the different branches of this sport, and its state and market representatives.


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