In TOP 10 again

I finished in TOP 10 in my class again, this time in Saturday’s second race of WSK Final Cup. I had a good performance already in the Warm-Up, I had a very good speed. I had a great start in the first race and after a couple of laps I was driving in P4. I was having tough battles for P4-7, when two laps before the end one of my rivals hit me from the outside in the second corner, and we both had to give up the race. In the second race after a good start and great battles I finished in TOP 10 and crossed the chequered flag in P9. My third race was interrupted by a crash at the start: a go-kart spun in front of me and hit my go-kart. We both had to give up the race. I collected lots of experience. I performed well in the races, so despite the crashes I got into the Prefinal.


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