Accidents hindered Tamás Gender Junior in Cremona

Tamás Gender Junior's season continued in Cremona, Italy. The fourth round of the Champions of the Future Euro Series proved to be a highly challenging one for the Hungarian athlete.

After a two-week break, this year's Champions of the Future Euro Series continued in Cremona with the fourth round of the season for Tamás Gender Junior. The Hungarian driver from Forza Racing competed in a field of 98 participants on a 1224-meter track located 75 km away from Milan.

Tamás Gender Junior had an adventurous first day, in qualifying he was only 3 tenths of a second behind the fastest time in his group, and then thanks to a lucky draw he was able to start the heats from Group A. However, for reasons beyond his control, he was unable to start in the first qualifying session, which severely hampered his chances in the overall.

But in the second heat he was already in the field and after a very good start he fought a tough battle with his opponents. This was true for the three heats on the second day as well, where he consistently got off to a good start but only managed to finish one out of the three races.

"In the first heat of the day, I was hit from behind in the third corner, which caused me to bump into the car ahead of me. He spun around, and both of us ended up retiring from the race. Then in the second heat one of my teammates got hit from behind, so he came at me at high speed, and that resulted in another retirement. In the end I managed to finish my third race, but the tyres I was using caused my kart to slide all the way through. I didn't make it to the Super Heat because of three unfinished heats and a wrong tyre strategy, but I'm still happy with my good starts. Thanks to my team for their work, we'll move on to the next race!" - looked ahead the Hungarian Motorsport Academy supported driver.

Tamás Gender Junior will next compete at the Italian IAME series in Lonato between 28 and 30 July.

Tamás Gender Junior, OK Junior results:

Participants: 98
Qualifying group: P15
Qualifying overall: P43
A-B Heat: -
A-E Heat: P21
A-D Heat: -
A-C Heat: -
A-F Heat: P20
Heats overall: P91
Super Heat: -
Super Heat overall: -
Final: -


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